John Thompson Scholarship

John Thompson is an Honorary Life Member of the Calgary Youth Orchestra Society. John joined the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra in 1971 and the next year became involved with the CYO serving in many capacities over the years. He served as tour manager and conductor for twelve tours; and started out as the String coach and Assistant Director under Frank Simpson, founding Director. John was President of the CYO Society for four or five years and was Artistic Director and Conductor from 1984-1988 and 1996-2002. He continues to offer guidance to the Board as he has since 1984. John currently teaches viola and chamber music at the Mount Royal University Conservatory. His students can be found in professional orchestras across the country and in chamber ensembles such as the St. Lawrence and Cassatt String Quartets.

One scholarship of $500 will be awarded annually.

Any member of the CYO may apply for The John Thompson Scholarship on the basis of financial and/or educational need.

The awarding of the scholarship(s) will take into consideration some, but not necessarily all, of the following criteria:
• Dedication to the Orchestra
• Financial need
• Cost of proposed educational program
• Improvement as an orchestra member

One letter of application requesting consideration for all scholarships offered by the CYO Society is sufficient. Please write a short explanation detailing how you plan to use the scholarship and include reasons why you think that you qualify for, or are deserving of, the scholarship. If financial need is cited, the committee may ask for supporting documents which will be kept in confidence. All applications will be discussed by a scholarship committee comprised of the President of the Society (Georgia McLaughlin), Scholarship Committeee Chair (Robin Young), Honorary Life Member and Director (John Thompson), Treasurer (Beverley Erickson), Orchestra Manager (Trudy Ross) and the Music Director (Edmond Agopian). The Committee will make its recommendation to the Board of the Society whose decision will be final.

Deadline for submission: Saturday, May 15, 2010


All scholarship winners will be notified at the final rehearsal of the orchestra in June.